April 24, 2015
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions succeeds in doubling productivity of
Euglena(microalgae) using fed-batch cultivation

Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. (also known as KES) has confirmed that it has doubled the biomass productivity from the previously used method of heterotrophic cultivation(*1) of Euglena(*2), batch cultivation(*3), by using fed-batch cultivation(*4) in a 1m3 closed reactor installed at its Technical Research Center in Kobe, Japan.

Fed-batch cultivation is generally used to industrialize the cultivation process. It is important to optimize the composition, amount and timing of the additional supply of the medium component, and KES has achieved certain progress in the stable doubling of biomass productivity. KES is planning to use the results in making more compact manufacturing equipment, optimizing the medium component, and reducing production costs.

Following the announcement on September 11, 2014, KES has been receiving many requests for biomass samples from its customers. KES is carefully considering the commercialization of Euglena. From now on, KES will seek an economical method of cultivation, as well as accelerate commercialization focusing on the fields of foods, cosmetics and chemical products.

Based on new findings, KES is planning to enlarge the manufacturing equipment to a 10m3 reactor. KES will consider the timing of construction when commercialization becomes clearer.


(*1) Heterotrophic cultivation: A cultivation method that uses organic compounds as the source of carbon for


(*2) Euglena: A unique organism with plant-like qualities that enable photosynthesis, but like an animal it can

move by twisting itself.

(*3) Batch cultivation: A cultivation method in which a new cultivation medium is used once each time for


(*4) Fed-batch cultivation: A cultivation method in which a medium component is additionally supplied during

cultivation to maintain or improve productivity.

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