April 26, 2016
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions completes Water Purification Plant
in Kingdom of Cambodia

Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. has completed a water purification plant construction in Sen Monorom City, Mondulkiri Province, the Kingdom of Cambodia on April 25, 2016. This is our second water purification plant project in Cambodia, and the first project to supply the water purification facility for a public tap water supplier.

In this project, the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, through the Department of Industry and Handicraft, Mondulkiri, supplies tap water for residents in the provincial capital, Sen Monorom. The water purification plant purifies the raw water taken from the lake as the water source in order to supply drinking water. Japanfs Kitakyushu City received an order for consultant service, and Kobelco Eco-Solutions was awarded a contract for the water purification plant from the local prime contractor, Kim Mex Construction & Investment Co., Ltd.. Kobelco Eco-Solutions provides design, fabrication, procurement and supervisory service for commissioning for the water purification plant (Flocculation and Sedimentation + Rapid sand filtration).

Currently, the clean water coverage in local cities in Cambodia is below 50%. The Cambodian government has been promoting water infrastructure development and has set a goal of attaining 100% coverage by 2025. Kobelco Eco-Solutions has established the representative office in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in October, 2015. We will continue to expand our business related to water treatment plant in Cambodia.

œ Project Name: The Clean Water Supply Project in Sen Monorom City, Mondulkiri Province.

œ Budget: Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund

œ Consultant: Kitakyushu City Water and Sewer Bureau

œ Prime Contractor: Kim Mex Construction & Investment Co., Ltd.

œ Location: Sen Monorom City, Mondulkiri Province (300 km northeast of Phnom Penh)

œ Water Supply Coverage: Approximately 10,000 people

œ Plant Capacity: 2,000m3/day

œ Completion: February, 2016

yPhoto in front of the water purification plant after the completion ceremonyz

yThe water purification plant supplied by Kobelco Eco-Solutionsz

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