May 23, 2017
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions Vietnam
received the first order for the Water Supply Plant in Myanmar

Kobelco Eco-Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. (KESV), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd., received an order for the water supply plant that uses energy-saving “Automatic Siphon Filter (ASF)” technology for the Residential & Commercial Area of the Thilawa SEZ, Zone A which is under development by Thilawa Property Development Limited (TPD). KESV was awarded a contract for plant supply from SUPREME WATER DOCTOR COMPANY LIMITED (SWDC), a main contractor to construct the water treatment plant for the Residential & Commercial Area.

The award of contract is attributed to KESV’s accumulation of experience in water supply plants and its high technical capabilities and skills, and this is the first order in Myanmar for our Kobelco Eco-Solutions group.

The plant will supply the clean drinking water for residences, accommodations, offices and other facilities to be located in the 35 ha space of the Residential & Commercial Area.

We have a number of supply records of the water supply plants in Japan, such as over 2,000 units of ASF and about 80 units of “Open-type Siphon Filter (OSF)”for large-scale facilities. Furthermore, we also have supplied the water supply plants to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Both ASF and OSF adopt a special filtration system using the gravity filtration and the principle of a siphon, which can simplify the control system and reduce the electric power consumption and the operators. Accordingly, ASF and OSF are much superior in convenience of operation and maintenance. We aim at expanding sales of ASF and OSF in Southeast Asia.

SWDC, a group company assigned with the water treatment business in Supreme Group of Companies, is the largest water treatment engineering company in Myanmar. We established the strategic business alliance with SWDC and we will make substantial contributions to the water treatment in Myanmar by making the most of each company’s technical strength and offering proper solutions to the various requirements.

【Outline of Project】

○Project Name: Supply of Water Supply Plant to SWDC

○Site: Zone A Residential & Commercial Area in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone

(This area is located about 20km from Yangon City. TPD, a subsidiary company of Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Limited. established by Myanmar companies, develops this area.)

○Capacity: 1,000m3/day

○Schedule: Commissioning scheduled to be completed in November 2017

【General Company Profile】

○Company Name: Supreme Group of Companies

○Employee: about 1,000

○Business: Infrastructure, Agriculture, Trading Business, etc.

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