March 18, 2019
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions enters into Tap Water Supply Project
in Kingdom of Cambodia

SOMA KOBELCO WATER SUPPLY CO., LTD. (gJV companyh) acquired an exclusive business license to supply tap water to Koh Dach in Phnom Penh and Koh Oknha Tei in Kandal Province for 20 years from the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft in Cambodia. The JV company is a joint venture between Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. and the Cambodian private-sector SOMA Group. This is the first tap water supply project implemented by Japanese Company in Cambodia. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 14, 2020.

The water purification plant will provide tap water for approximately 20,000 people and commercial facilities in regions mentioned above. After the water purification plant, applying Kobelco Eco-Solutionsf technology, purifies the raw water taken from the Mekong River as the water source, tap water will be supplied to each household. In addition to the construction-related works for design, construction and commissioning, the JV company will provide an integrated service from water intake to purification, distribution, meter reading and fee collection.

Currently, the clean water coverage in local cities in Cambodia is below 50%. The Cambodian government has been promoting water infrastructure development and has set a goal of attaining 100% coverage by 2025.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions has supplied three water purification plants in Cambodia. The performance and stable operation record of these plants have been highly valued, which led the JV company to enter the tap water supply business using Kobelco Eco-Solutionsf technology. By growing the water supply business in Southeast Asia including Cambodia and expanding the water treatment plant supply business, Kobelco Eco-Solutions aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the region.

œ Project Name: Tap Water Supply Project for Koh Dach District, Phnom Penh, the Kingdom of Cambodia

œ Relevant Authority: Ministry of Industry and Handicraft, Kingdom of Cambodia


œ Investors: SOMA Group 50%, Kobelco Eco-Solutions 50%

œ License Coverage: Koh Dach District in Phnom Penh and Koh Oknha Tei District in Kandal

Province (located 6 km northeast of Phnom Penh)

œ Water Supply Coverage: Approximately 20,000 people

œ Commencement of Water Supply: Scheduled in September, 2019

yPhoto of Groundbreaking Ceremonyz       yPerspective of Water Purification Plantz


Profile of the SOMA Group

œ Company Name: SOMA Group Co., Ltd.

œ Established: 2007

œ Number of Employees: Approximately 1,200

œ CEO: Cham Krasna

œ Business: Infrastructure, agriculture, trading, education and others

Contact: Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co.,Ltd.

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