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Metallic Sodium Dispersion (SD)

A metallic sodium reaction agent with superior properties in terms of safety, handleability and reactivity. Until now, metallic sodium was considered too dangerous and difficult to handle. Metallic sodium dispersion (SD), however, is an excellent and safe reaction agent. Among its applications, it can be substituted for organolithium compounds and used as a reaction agent for cross-coupling reactions.

Although Metallic SD has been primarily used in PCB decomposition, the material is now being expected to support various production technologies.


Metallic SD can be easily handled in atmosphere

  • Boasting unparalleled reducing power thanks to the incorporation of sodium in the form of fine particles that yield enhanced reactivity
  • Supporting a hassle-free cross-coupling process that generates neither bromine nor magnesium while helping reduce costs and the environmental burden
  • Substituting organolithium compounds, such as LDA, thereby helping avoid resource depletion risks
  • Helping execute Birch reduction at a room temperature, eliminating the necessity for liquid ammonia, metallic sodium or low-temperature reaction settings
  • Offering optimized cross-coupling reaction agents as well as other solutions supporting functionalization in a way that precisely accommodates customer needs
  • Realizing a safe solvent dehydrating process that makes the dangerous conventional dehydrating process obsolete

Metallic SD Special Feature

Please also visit our special feature page with detailed technological information and usage examples via the following link.

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Metallic SD Special Feature

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