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Leachate Treatment System Using Reverse Osmosis Method - DT Module System


Adding pressure to the raw water side partitioned by reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) can make only water (H2O) penetrate through the RO membrane.
By using this mechanism, salts and organic materials contained in raw water can be removed. This is the reverse osmosis method (RO method).
In addition, the cross-flow system can prevent the membrane from contamination and clogging.

DT module (leachate treatment)

DT module is a plate-and-frame type reverse osmosis membrane module that uses flat membrane.
Its unique, excellent disc mechanism creates stable treatment performance for highly-contaminated wastewater.


Type: Plate-and-frame type reverse osmosis membrane module
Module dimension: φ200mm x Length 1,000mm
Operating pressure: 6.12MPa (maximum)
Material: Membrane:Polyamide polymer membrane
Disc: ABS plastic
Casing: FRP (for 6MPa) and SUS (for 12MPa)

Features of the module

- Stain-resistant module structure
DT module system employs an excellent disc shape so that it can achieve fast membrane surface flow rate and turbulence effect, which therefore prevents the membrane from contamination and scaling.

- Membrane with long service life
With the excellent module structure and self-cleaning system, the membrane can always be kept clean.
As a result, the membrane has a long life-span and continues to operate with stability for a long time.

- Easy-check/maintenance structure
The membrane and the disc are installed to the pressure tight case using the central axis only, so disassembly and assembly can easily be done with only a wrench. The membrane is simply inserted in-between the discs, so it can be replaced quite easily.