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Leachate Treatment System Using Reverse Osmosis Method - DT Module System

In the country of Japan, due to its small land, many waste treatment facilities are located in mountain areas, and therefore, sufficient consideration to the surrounding environment is needed to keep clear streams as well as our source of water. What is required to take preventive actions against seeping water emitted from those facilities is, indeed, advanced water treatment technology that is strongly backed by science and technology.
DT module system is a water treatment technology using reverse osmosis membrane which is utilized for production of ultrapure water for seawater desalination and semiconductor. With this advanced technology, we will be able to contribute to environment protection in these areas by implementing a water treatment system that can handle leachate discharged from waste treatment facilities safely with stability.


- Simple process

- Treated water is as safe as natural water

- Very economical

DT module system (leachate treatment)

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