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Sewage Treatment

A/W Porous Block

The highest uniformity in water catchment is realized by porous block

Kobelco Eco-Solutions' Air/Water (A/W) porous block has excellent functional and installation properties even in backwash only, and may be used at the same time with air cleaning with higher washing effect.


- By the excellent cross-section shape, air and water cleaning is possible at the same time without installation of porous duct, etc.

- Excellent uniformity for backwash
By the pressure balancing effect of the two-stage structure, fluctuation of uniformity is within 2 to 3% even with filtration tank length of 9m

- Low loss of head
Loss of head is about 150mmAq at backwash flow rate of 0.6m/min

- Excellent installability
As being made of foam molding polyethylene excellent in corrosion and wear resistance, this is light and easy to carry and install. Block joint is mechanical joint completely waterproofed

- Stable air cleaning
By the air pressure balancing chamber in the block, blowout volume is uniform even with large-size filtration tank

Mechanism and application

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