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Sewage Treatment

Gravity Belt Thickener

High performance, compact size, and reduced life cycle cost

Kobelco Eco-Solutions proposes the gravity belt thickener that is high performance and compact and can reduce the life cycle cost.


- High efficiency in sludge concentration and compact size

- Reduced life cycle cost

- Easy to maintain and manage

- Stable performance

- Reliable technology based on rich actual delivery and operation achievements

- Wide range of lineups (5m3/hour to 60m3/hour) * Contact us separately for the class above 61m3/hour.


- Adoption of resin belt
As fine aggregated floc can be captured, concentration is possible at low flocculation agent addition rate.
Equipment weight saving achieved.

- Filtering area refreshing effect of sludge separator
With the sludge separator of unique shape installed on rotating resin belt, the filtering area is refreshed by combing up the high concentration sludge layer on the belt contact area.
The low concentration sludge layer always contacting with the belt achieves high concentration effects.

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