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Sewage Treatment

Conical Silo

Optimal for accumulation and quantitative discharge of dehydration cake

Kobelco Eco-Solutions has developed the silo technology further as an accumulation equipment and realized "conical silo" that allows for energy saving, labor saving and larger size and now a number of achievements have been built up.


- Large accumulation

- No phenomenon of bridge phenomenon

- Easy odor control

- Easy maintenance

- Small-footprint and free layout

- Fully automatic operations

- Smaller power requirement


- Reciprocating extractor with sliding frame.

- Accumulation up to 600m3 is possible.

- Applicable to wide range of dehydration cake aspects.

- Compact and rigid frame performs complete discharge and leaves no dead space.

- Rotating extractor with rotation arm.

- Accumulation of dehydration cake up to 300m3 is possible.

- The arm shape is optimal for reduction of required power and complete discharge of cake.

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