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Sewage Treatment

Oxidation Ditch (OD)

Optimal for treatment in small-size sewage treatment facilities

Kobelco Eco-Solutions recommends oxidation ditch method as treatment in small-size sewage treatment facilities.


- Energy saving aerator "Sigma wave aerator" with high oxygen supply capacity is used.

- As it resists load fluctuation, stable and excellent treated water quality can be obtained.

- As its structure is simple, maintenance and management are easy and energy can be saved.

- Only a small amount of sludge is generated in this long-time aeration system.

- BOD removal and denitrification can be performed in one tank at the same time.

- With the draft tube, mixing and stirring capacity is excellent and flow rate distribution can be even within the tank.

- As relatively long water depth is possible, the site area may be reduced.

- Secondary pollution such as noise, odor and spattering can easily be prevented.



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