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Sewage Treatment

Harmony with Human and Nature

The activities of human continue spreading without showing any sign of levelling off. If we repeat mass consumption, mass disposal, and continue discharging drainage or waste as it is on the earth, our invaluable earth will be spoiled.
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. ensures the irreplaceable earth by combining the water processing technology that we have cultivated for many years.
We also offer the systems/products that contribute to reduction of the greenhouse gas for building-up the carbon neutral and recycling society.

Water treatment

- Sedimentary sand and pump station
- Sedimentary tank
- Reaction tank
- Advanced treatment and service water equipment

Sludge treatment and sludge gasification

- Concentration
- Digester and sludge volume reduction

Excess Sludge Volume Reducing Facilities "S-TE PROCESS"

- Dehydration
- Accumulation carrying equipment
- Gasification and melting