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Sewage Treatment

Membrane Bioreactor System(MBR)

Separation of liquids and solids is realized by membrane units

Membrane Bioreactor System is one of the activated sludge systems. It is a technique to perform separation of liquids and solids with final sedimentation tanks by using membrane units submerged in the aerobic tank of the reaction tank.


- Advanced treated water
High efficiency elimination of SS, BOD and coliform group

- Space saving
Sedimentation tanks and sand filtration equipment are not necessary for separation of liquids and solids with membrane

- Nitrification and denitrification operations
Reaction tank MLSS concentration can be maintained at as high concentration as about 10,000mg/l and nitrification and denitrification are possible within the retention time equivalent to that of standard activated sludge system

- Repression of sludge generation volume
High MLSS can be set and sludge autolysis is promoted, which represses the sludge generation volume


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