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Sewage Treatment

Non-Metallic Sludge-Collector System

Long life and maintenance free

Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant characteristics are required for the non-metallic sludge-collector system because it is used under corrosive environment for long period.
Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co.,Ltd. has realized performance improvement and long life of the equipments by plastic structure.

Plastic chain


- Excellent in corrosion and wear resistance with long life
Drastic improvement in life of components compared to conventional metallic components by using high-performance plastics that are excellent in corrosion and wear resistance under such severe condition as corrosion and wear environment in sewage.

- Reduction of the maintenance/management cost at the time of replacement
Maintenance and management cost including for periodical parts replacement and repair is largely reduced by improvement of corrosion and wear resistance.

- Unnecessary greasing work by adoption of self-lubricating plastics
For conventional metallic components, greasing works for sliding member including axis and sprocket are necessary to maintain the performance. This gathering system eliminates the need for greasing works by utilizing the self-lubricating process of the plastics in all sliding members.

- Light weight, easy-to-install components
Substantially reduce load during maintenance by eliminating axis and with overall plastics components.
Unlike with conventional systems, it is not necessary to remove the axis and easy to install the sprocket for maintenance of this easy-to-install system.
It is also unnecessary to apply bottom mortar.


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