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Sewage Treatment

Hyperboloid Mixer/PABIO Mix

Efficient mixing in a tank and oxygen supply

PABIO Mix enables efficient mixing in a tank by using the mixing impeller with the optimal shape for mixing.

Hyperboloid mixer/PABIO Mix


- Energy savings
High bottom flow rate is available with small mixing force by slowly rotating large hyperboloid mixing impeller near the bottom of a tank.
Mixing force: 2 to 5W/m3

- Simple structure
Very simple structure consisting of driving section, shaft, and mixing impeller only.
The mixing impeller, made of FRP, is lightweight.

- Low-speed rotation
Suitable for biological treatment because low-speed rotation of blades has limited impact on floating sludge flock.
For the maximum wing diameter of 2,500mm, about 20 to 30rpm

- Easy installation and maintenance and low cost of maintenance
Install and remove without draining a tank.
No maintenance is required for the submerged sections, because of no underwater sliding part nor twining of foreign substances.
Low maintenance cost only for the drive member.


Hyperboloid mixer/PABIO Mix


- Anaerobic tank, anoxic tank

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