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Sewage Treatment

RESER System (Sludge for Eco-Revolution)

Environment-friendly sludge reduction system

The RESER system is a technology that effectively applies the sludge solubilization process by hydrolysis process to conventional anaerobic digestion treatment technology, which substantially reduces the sludge amount and has features such as small-footprint and energy creation.

In March 2005, construction technique assessment certificate for sludge solubilization equipment was acquired.


- Dehydration sludge is reduced by over 40% (in comparison with conventional treatment. The same applies to the following.)

- Digester tank capacity is reduced to one third

- Effective energy amount is increased to 140%

System flow


As part of sewage and sludge final disposal plant landfill amount reduction in Niigata prefecture's long-term plan "Strategy for Resource Recycling and Half Reduction of Garbage," demonstration experiments are conducted in Nagaoka Purification Center in Niigata and practical application has been continued since 2005.

- Implementation timing: Demonstration plant construction in FY2002/Start of practical application in FY2005 (still continued)

- Processing capacity: Rated 3.9t-DS/day (Inflow sewage amount: Equivalent to 20,000m3/day (Equivalent to a half of sludge amount generated in the Nagaoka Purification Center))

- Actual achievement: 8 cases in Europe. Inflow sewage amount of up to 500,000m3/day is treated in the facilities.

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