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Sewage Treatment

Fluidized Incinerator

Easy to maintain and manage with excellent incineration performance

As it is excellent in incineration performance and economy and easy to maintain and manage, "fluidized incineration system" is the most widely prevalent system.
Kobelco Eco-Solutions proposes advanced "fluidized incineration system" based on our rich experiences and excellent plant engineering capacity.


- Easy to maintain and manage
Its simple structure without mechanical moving sections in the system is easy to maintain and manage.

- Large retention heat capacity and easy intermittent operations
As fluidized sand retains large amount of heat and represses temperature decrease, intermittent operations are easy.

- High-efficiency incineration
Drift air and dehydration cake are stirred and mixed intensely by fluid sand for efficient incineration with small amount of excess air.

- Repressed generation of harmful substances
By maintaining internal temperature high, complete decomposition of malodorous components and reduction of dioxins and cyanide compound generation are made possible.


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