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Sewage Treatment

Screw Pump

Maintenance-free open type

Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. concentrates its latest technology into the screw pump with the long history to provide as the more modern pump.

Spiral pump


- Due to low-speed rotation, there is little consumption of the parts, achieving semi-permanent life.

- This open-type system is maintenance-free, very easy to maintain and inspect without blocking caused by solid materials or sand.

- The discharge rate is constant at the standard intake level or higher, and no overload occurs by the rise of the water level.

- Supporting operation such as the adjustment of the discharge by pouring the seal water, priming water and the valve is unnecessary. Therefore, it is very easy to perform remote automatic operation, automatic intermittent operation, and unmanned operation.


Spiral pump


- Lifting pump in the water treatment plants

- Wastewater pump for rainwater

- Relay pump for drainage

- Returned sludge pump in sewage disposal plants

- Wastewater pump for high tide water

- Water intake, wastewater, transfer pump for all industries

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