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Waste Treatment

Plasma Melting Furnace

Energy saving model is completed by promoting commercialization of incinerator fly ash solo melting

Our plasma melting furnace has features of a technology to reduce and stabilize the incineration residue from incinerator (incinerated ash and incinerator fly ash, etc.).
We succeeded in solo melting of incinerator fly ash, which is said to be difficult to treat, and also in extending of life of main parts, reducing of a large volume of energy consumption and improving of molten slag quality.


Stable operation
- Excellent refractory technology realizing long-term continuous operation
- Trouble-free cinder structure
- Energy-efficient refractory structure without water-cooled wall
- Non-transfer torch excellent in heating efficiency
High quality slag
- Sufficient volatilization of sodium and heavy metal in slag
- Cinder structure generating no unmelted ash
- Both water- and air-cooling available
Various objects
- Solo melting of incinerator fly ash realized (World's first)
- Mixed melting of grate ash and incinerator fly ash also realized
- Mixed melting with ash from other facilities also realized