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Water Treatment Process

Aeration System/Aerator

Safe, reliable and affordable aeration equipment

Aerator adopts the blowing-in method.
It removes free carbon dioxide and controls pH.


A-type (Remove free carbon dioxide, etc.)

- Adopt gravity flow system. The installation area is about 1/30 in comparison with the spray system.

- Low loss of head about 3m, in comparison with 10 to 15m of the spray system.

- The low power costs blower with a little wind pressure. Easy to adjust gas volume.

- The high efficiency mist separator ensures extremely little loss of the water.

- Robust and light weight system made of special materials (FRP and plastic) which are superior in water resistance and weather resistance.

- The brief construction period and low cost.

B-type (Remove organochlorine such as the trichloroethylene)

- Equipped with redispersion mechanism, this system adopts the special filling materials to ensure excellence in gas-liquid contact and high-efficiency.

- Little pressure losses and low pump lift.

- The shading structure eliminates outbreak of the algae.


- Remove free carbon dioxide and trichloroethylene.

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