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Water Treatment Process

Flocculation sedimentation + Sand filtration Membrane filtration Wastewater treatment Other equipment Advanced treatment

Safe, reliable and delicious waterby definite system fitted to the purpose/scale

The unique system plan is required for a water supply plant one by one, according to the water quality of source of water, the geographical feature, the environmental condition, and the size.
As a plant is also a lasting and public facility, through consideration is required for maintenance and management as well as reasonability and safety as the entire falicity.
To meet these various needs appropriately, the software technology is essential, which applies a wide variety of devices and chemicals as a system.
Kobelco Eco-Solutions definitely studies and proposes the system plan that achieves stable supply of "Safe, Reliable, and Delicious Water" by responding to diversifying problems with the technology that cumulates the longtime experience and results as well as the fulfilling product line.

Water purification process

- Coagulant sedimentation + Sand filtration
- Membrane filtration
- Advanced treatment

Wastewater treatment

Other equipment