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Cooling Tower

Gazing at the future, Kobelco Eco-Solutions' cooling tower system

Introduction to our cooling tower business

The cooling tower was originally developed in order to reuse valuable water after an enormous amount of groundwater had been used for industry to make land subsidence a social problem. It can be considered as a "water chiller" using natural forces.
The cooling tower truly contributes to water resource recycling.
We launched sales of the cooling tower products since 1962 and have accumulated experience in various arenas such as chemical plants, iron-manufacturing plants, power stations, regional air-conditioning facilities, among the others. We have shipped over 5,000 units in over 40 countries so far, leading the large-scale cooling tower segment.
Recently, the cooling tower has been highly evaluated to reduce the urban heat islands.
We are constantly aiming at green manufacturing.

Our cooling tower products

We have developed several types of cooling tower products to address various demands such as space-saving type, white smoke reduction type, as well as super-low-noise cooling towers, in order to provide the state-of-the-art cooling systems.

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After-sales service of cooling tower

We are prepared to provide our customers with sufficient after-sales services including inspection, maintenance, and repair.
Consult us about regular maintenance, repair, modification, on-site overhaul, and capacity change/renewal for our or another vendor's cooling towers. We will help you in planning your cooling system using methodologies such as LCC.

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Introduction to our cooling tower technologies

Incidental facilities

- Chemical feed equipment * Chemical feed equipment is provided by our associated company, Kobelco Eco-Maintenance Co. Ltd.

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