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Cooling tower

Space Saving Cooling Tower (Multi-Layered)

This type of cooling tower is used when a single-layered cooling tower cannot be installed.
Our space saving cooling tower can be installed at an area of about 35-45% (in-house comparison), and realizes saving energy of 10-15% by the adoption of a large-diameter fan in comparison with our products.


- Facilities for district heating and cooling, if there is a site restriction for industrial site, and others

White Smoke Solution Cooling Tower

When operating a cooling tower for the rainy season and the winter season, a large quantity of saturated air discharged from fans is condensed, which appears as white smoke.
Kobelco Eco-Solutions uses a fin tube-type air heating device for an anti-white smoke measure which is space-saving and power-saving devise.
In addition, a film type filling materials can be used as an air heating device.

Refer to the mechanism of white smoke reduction


- A factory, airport, etc. which are adjacent in the residential area

- The place that has to consider landscape visibility disorder

Super-Low-Noise Cooling Tower

The smart design that combines the soundproof structure of the tower main body with the low-noise fans. Suited to cases that particular attention to the noise is required.
This system decreases the sound of the blower that is the noise source of the cooling tower by adopting a low noise-type blower, also decreases the plop of water by adopting an acoustic absorption louver, an acoustic absorption duct, sound insulation walls, etc.
Not only supporting every needs including for district heating and cooling, we also line up models combining space-savings.


- A factory, etc. which are adjacent in the residential area

- The area where the condition in the site boundary is severe