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Cooling tower

Cooling Tower for Industry

A cooling tower for industry is applied in the field of every industry such as iron manufacture/chemistry/oil refining/generation/paper manufacture/cement/fiber/food/medicine/drainage/garbage destruction by fire.
Our cooling tower for industry is equipped with the blower module consisting of reliable blower/speed reducer/motor and filling materials of high heat exchange efficiency. We can select the best suited cooling tower from our ample line up suited according to customer's demand of specifications such as quantity of water/quality of water/temperature condition/setting space, and others.

Cooling Tower for District Heating and Cooling

A cooling tower used for district heating and cooling is often installed in the roof of building. Therefore, it is necessary to clear many problems that are indispensable to redevelopment and creating local environment for new subdivisions of a city, including anti-white smoke, noise, vibration, and space-saving.
For example, our Space Saving Cooling Tower (Multi-Layered) realizes space-saving of 35-45% (in-house comparison) compared to single-layered cooling tower.

Package Cooling Tower

This is used for building air conditioning and factory production.
The lightweight and compact cooling tower has also higher versatility to reduce the cost.
The optional devices (dissipative duct, base isolator, anti-freezing heater, etc.) is also filled up. Comparatively a large quantity of water can be also cooled by aligning plural cells.