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Cooling tower

Steel Made Cooling Tower

- Superior in anti-weatherability and corrosion resistance as molten galvanizing is made on the all structural members.

- The construction period is short by plane built-up method or field bulk lifting asembly method.

FRP Cooling Tower

- In comparison with wood or steel made, there is a great advantage not to corrode. Maintenance is free for a long term to largely reduce maintenance cost. In late years, many are adopted in seaside industrial zones.

- The specific intensity (strength/specific gravity) that is the index of the lightweighting merit is 2-3 times of the steel made. A strength burden to structure materials is reduced by the fall of the structure weight.

Wooden Cooling Tower

- Prevention of decay processing is made on all wooden parts, and have superior corrosion resistance.

- Support the corrosive high quality of water including seawater.

- Very high maintenability. The structure materials can be replaced by one unit.

- Available for more than 30 years by regular maintenance works.