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Industrial Water Treatment

"Floatation Equipment"

Floatation equipment flashes high-pressure dissolving air though wastewater and catches floating substances and scum by the generated ultrafine bubbles (colloids) to separate them from the wastewater.


- Suitable for treatment of wastewater containing oil at a food plant, steel plant, and oil refinement factory.

- Floating speed is high, making the equipment compact.
This leads to lower cost and smaller installation area.

- Treated water quality is stabled and high, the water can be discharged or recycled.

- Floating scum concentration is high, making the sludge treatment equipment compact.
It is also suitable for collecting and reusing solid materials contained in separated scum.

- Operation is simple and easy, reducing the operation cost.

- Appropriate chemicals can be injected to improve separation effect.

Major applications

- Treatment of food and iron-manufacturing factory oil-containing wastewater.

- Removal of floating substances and BOD from wastewater

- Removal of floating substances from industrial water treatment

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