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Industrial Water Treatment

Deferrization/Demanganization "High-Speed Filtration System"

The high-speed filtration system uses the special filtration material "Ferrolite" that has a catalyst action, as well as the oxidation power of air and chlorine to oxidize and separate underwater iron/manganese, and remove them.
Ferrolite works both as the oxidation catalyst and filter material and is hard to be worn, eliminating filter regeneration with a chemical.


- Compact equipment
It does not require the coagulating sedimentation equipment and ensures fast filtration, saving space.

- Easy maintenance and management
It is general filtration equipment and requires no complicated maintenance or management.
Its filter does not require regeneration using a chemical and complicated handling.

- Low equipment/maintenance and management cost
Equipment cost is low because it can treat wastewater only with the filter.
Ferrolite is hard to be worn and saves the maintenance and management cost.

Major applications

- Well water treatment

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