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Industrial Water Treatment

Multi-Staged Fluidized-Bed Activated Carbon Absorption Equipment "Multiactos"

Fluidized bed saves space and reduces cost.

The multi-staged fluidized bed allows for continuous feed and extraction of activated carbon.
Multiactos achieves smaller space and lower cost than the conventional fixed-staged fluidized-bed activated carbon absorption equipment, and provides many advantages including easy operation and maintenance.


- Lower operating cost
Multiactos provides higher usage and contact efficiency of activated carbon to reduce the running cost, compared with the fixed-bed type.

- Addresses variation of wastewater quality
By adjusting the feed quantity of activated carbon, the quality of treated water can be kept constant even when the wastewater quality changes.

- Saves space and reduces facilities cost
Being different from the fixed-bed type, continuous operation for the entire tower is available and the absorption speed is high, reducing the equipment size and cost.

- Backwash is not necessary
The fluidized-bed does not suffer from blocking by contaminating materials contained in the wastewater as seen with the fixed-bed type, eliminating need for backwash.

- Saves labor
Unmanned operation allows for easy operation and management, enables significantly labor saring.

Major Applications

While Multiactos may be used for primary treatment, it can also be used in combination with other treatment equipment for secondary or more advanced treatment to be more effective and economical. It is particularly suitable for the water treatment types listed below. Advanced treatment allows treated water to be reused as cooling water or processes water.

- Treatment of factory effluent containing organic substances (for chemical, food, iron, paper, medicine, etc.)

- Decoloration of colored wastewater

- Oil removal from wastewater containing oil (oil refinement wastewater, petrochemistry wastewater, etc.)

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