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Industrial Water Treatment

Ultrafine Bubble Diffuser "PABIO Flex"

PABIO Flex is a power-saving ultrafine bubble diffuser using a tube-type membrane.
It does not require maintenance for long-term stable operation.
This equipment is based upon the technology from a German company, INVENT.
Because bubbles are diffused while the membrane shakes, a fine bubble diameter is maintained while bubbles rise over a wide area.

Operation of PABIO Flex


- Saves power
Higher oxygen transfer efficiency is maintained by ultra file bubble.
This greatly reduces power for aeration compared with the conventional method.

- Easy installation and maintenance
Because the membrane is unified with the frame, it can be raised and lowered without draining water from the tank when installing and maintaining the unit.
This allows for installation on an existing aeration tank.
A type with the membrane fixed at the bottom of the tank is also available.
When the membrane needs replacement, it can be replaced singly.

- Structure to prevent blocking and countercurrents
When aeration stops, holes of the membrane are closed to prevent blocking and countercurrents.
Expansion and contraction of the membrane peels off attached substances.

- Suitable for various shapes of aeration tanks
By changing the arrangement of the unit, it is suitable for various shapes of aeration tanks.
If installation at the bottom of the tank is difficult, a floating type is available.

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