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Industrial Water Treatment

Membrane Separation Activated Sludge Treatment System "PABIO MEM"

PABIO MEM is a compact wastewater treatment system using the membrane separation equipment submerged in the aeration tank for firm solid-liquid separation of sludge in the activated sludge treatment method to obtain clean treated water with less excessive sludge.


- Compact design
The entire aeration capacity can be reduced because the solid-liquid separation process including sedimentation and sand filtration is not necessary and high-load operation is possible.
This allows for a significantly compact equipment.

- Treated water is clean and can be recycled
Microfiltration membrane is used for the separation membrane to ensure water quality equivalent to coagulating sedimentation + sand filtration method, allowing treated water to be recycled.

- Less excess sludge
Excess sludge is reduced in comparison with the activated sludge method.

- Saves energy
Membrane filtration involves pump suction which only requires a low suction pressure.

- Easy maintenance and management
Separation membrane is constantly washed by aeration air to prevent blocking of filtration.
Also, there is no solid-liquid separation failure due to bulking and sludge management is easy.

- Suitable for equipment renewal
Existing aeration tanks and/or unused tanks can be easily reused for installation.
Therefore, it is most suitable for renewing the equipment for higher capacity.

- Suitable operation management by remote monitoring
This product is equipped with "Water Eye" as standard to remotely monitor the water treatment facilities via the Internet and manage operation data centrally on a server, for optimum operation management, failure detection, and troubleshooting through analysis of the operation data.


- Food and marine product processing wastewater treatment

- Chemical and medicine manufacturing wastewater treatment

- Semiconductor, LCD, and development wastewater treatment

- Paint and dyeing wastewater treatment

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