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Industrial Water Treatment

Excess Sludge Reduction System "S-TE Process"

Significantly reduces sludge

The S-TE process reduces sludge generated during treatment of organic wastewater and sewage, using the heat-resistant enzyme generated by thermophile.
Excess sludge was conventionally extracted, burned, and used for reclamation, but is now solubilized by this process in the thermophile treatment tank and then returned to the activated sludge aeration tank for mineralization to be reduced significantly.
Compared with burning and reclamation process, this is greener process with no concern of secondary pollution.


- Significantly reduces excess sludge
Thermophile (S-TE bacterium) ensures high solubilization ratio with high biological resolution capability in the aeration tank for significant reduction of sludge.

- Lower operating cost
Significant reduction of sludge also reduces the conventional processing cost and sludge processing facility maintenance cost (e.g., dehydrator), significantly reducing the factory operating cost.

- Easy maintenance and management
It only requires to keep the temperature and aeration flow of the S-TE tank.
As with conventional excess sludge extraction, it just requires adjustment of sludge putting quantity into the S-TE tank while watching MLSS.
Regular maintenance only requires maintenance and management of general-purpose parts such as pump.

- Environment-friendly process
Process friendly to global environment using living matters.
It does not use any chemical substances.
The S-TE tank only requires temperature up to 60 to 65 °C and the waste heat can also be reused.
If the sludge was conventionally burned, it greatly reduces CO2 emission.

Major Applications

- Reduction of sludge in food processing wastewater

- Reduction of sludge in plant wastewater

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