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Industrial Water Treatment

High-Speed Filtration Equipment "Super Filter"

The super filter is a high efficiency high-speed filtration system with improved filter configuration, vessel height and cleaning method.


- Excellent filter cleaning
Combined cleaning with the air and water cleans the filter well and restores it completely.

- Easy operation management
All operations are automatically controlled, which makes the operation management so easy.

- High-speed filtration
Even highly suspensions can be filtered at high speed, so that water is restored into clean water.

- Stable operation
With strong tolerance against variation of inflow raw water quality, the system can obtain filtered water stably, which can make the operation so stable.

Major applications

- Recycling water treatment for steel
This is most commonly used at a steel plant for blooming and continuous caster, and their equipment can be backed up with stability.

- Wastewater treatment for food, chemical, electrical, and steel
It can be used for cases where suspensions cannot be removed by normal wastewater treatment only.

- Making industrial water out of river water
Water in the river and lake with highly contaminated suspensions can be used as industrial water simply by implementing filtering treatment.

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