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Industrial Water Treatment

High-Speed Coagulating Sedimentation Equipment "Super Thickener"

Super Thickener is an ideal high-speed coagulating sedimentation equipment which realizes generation of high-sedimentation floc and high-efficiency solid-liquid separation mechanism.
It produces high-quality treated water as well as greatly improves functionality and saves space, in comparison with normal coagulating sedimentation system.


- Generation of high-sedimentation floc
Flock which sediments faster can be generated by the flocculation tank and rotating distributor.

- Even upward stream in solid-liquid separation tank
To ensure stable solid-liquid separation, water is evenly distributed by the distributer and then evenly collected by the upper water catchment trough for even stream within the tank. This allows for high surface load.

- Improved extracted sludge concentration
By providing the concentration zone, sludge is further concentrated than the conventional type to produce highly concentrated sludge.

- High performance and compact
The above features allow for a high-performance and compact-design high-speed coagulating sedimentation device. Very high surface load greatly reduces the installation area.

Major applications

- Iron-manufacturing wastewater treatment

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