Message from President

We will contribute to creating
a livable environment and
a healthy life through our
innovative thinking.

We, Kobelco Eco-Solutions Group (“KES”), are actively and extensively engaged in the environmental business as one of the group entities in the engineering business segment of the KOBELCO Group (the “Group”). Our business fields include those related to water and wastewater treatment, waste treatment, and the supply of cooling towers for industrial or public use. We are playing an important role in the Group’s challenging mission to achieve carbon neutrality as well.

We also have a chemical / food processing equipment business, which has a long track record since KES’s foundation back in 1946. We have been meeting a wide range of our customers’ manufacturing needs through the supply of our glass-lined equipment.

Under the three-year FY2021–2023 medium-term business plan, KES will devote its efforts to gaining a foothold on a path to new heights by implementing a balanced strategy that seeks the “strengthening of competitiveness for existing business” as well as “active investment in growth fields.”

As for the former, “strengthening of competitiveness for existing business,” we will pursue such activities as: (i) contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by way of promoting power generation utilizing sewer sludge and waste materials, (ii) pursuing the research and development of unique technologies in the chemical / food processing equipment business, and (iii) establishing a solid business foundation that extends to global markets.

As for the latter, “active investment in growth fields,” we will pursue such activities as: (i) further involvement in the overseas infrastructure development of water supply facilities and waste power generation plants, (ii) the provision of core technologies that help communities and customers reduce CO2 emissions and use renewable energy and hydrogen, and (iii) the development of new businesses.

Our corporate vision is “To Support a future society that lives in harmony with the earth.” In order to realize this vision, we will contribute to achieving the SDGs through our businesses and to creating a healthy environment and lifestyles through our innovative thinking.

June. 2022
President, Representative Director, Mikio Sato

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