Message from President

We will contribute to creating
a livable environment and
a healthy life through our
innovative thinking.

As an engineering business unit of Kobe Steel Group, Kobelco Eco-Solutions Group has been actively and extensively engaged in environmental business such as water and wastewater treatment, waste treatment and manufacturing and supplying of cooling towers for industrial or public use.

The basic philosophy underlying our activities is to leverage our extensive knowledge and expertise to the fullest extent to develop societies and industries through “Water” and “Waste”. We have developed many distinctive technologies such as effective utilization of sludge in water treatment and fluidized bed gasification and stoker type incineration in waste treatment. By combining these technologies to meet customers’ needs, eco-friendly societies and communities can be created with excellent economic efficiency.

As another business mainstay, our group has a chemical/food processing equipment business. Since our foundation in 1946, we have manufactured and supplied glass-lined equipment which has been of service to many of our customers in their manufacturing activities.

On January 1, 2019, the waste treatment business unit of IHI Enviro Corporation was consolidated into our group. Taking this occasion, we have set up a new corporate philosophy that is to be retained by all members of our group, so that the ‘reborn’ Kobelco Eco-Solutions Group, which consists of the water treatment business, the consolidated waste treatment business and the chemical/food processing equipment business, may continue to flourish timelessly. Toward our vision “Sustain the future society that is in harmony with the earth”, we will contribute to creating a livable environment and a healthy life through our innovative thinking and based on our “environmental technologies and engineering capabilities”.

June. 2020
President, Representative Director, Takao Ohama

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