Our Business

Engineering solution

  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Product Treatment
  • Process Equipment
  • New Business
  • Technological Development

Water Treatment

Design of, manufacturing of, execution of works for, and sales of, equipment and facilities

Water Treatment

  • City water and sewage treatment plant
  • Sludge treatment / Sludge volume reduction equipment
  • Sludge incineration / Melting / Recycling system
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Industrial water processing system
  • Water treatment system for liquid crystals and semiconductors
  • Pure water / Ultrapure water production equipment
  • Leachate treatment system
  • Seawater desalination system


  • Biogas Upgrading System
  • Biogas technology for the injection into the natural gas grid

Cooling Tower

  • Cooling tower for district heating and cooling
  • Super-low-noise cooling tower
  • Industrial cooling tower

Waste Product

Design of,
manufacturing of,
execution of works for,
sales of, and repair of,
equipment and facilities

Waste Treatment and
Waste to Energy (Incinerator)

  • Fluidized Bed Gasification
    and Melting Furnace
  • Grate Type Incineration
  • Fluidized-bed furnace

Detoxification of PCBs

  • Sodium Pulverulent Process “SP Process”
  • Solvent Extraction and Decomposition
    Process “SED Process”
  • Plasma Melting Technology
    for PCB-contaminated Waste
  • Heated Oil. Circulation Washing

Process Equipment

Design, manufacturing, sales, and repair of devices and equipment

Process Equipment for Chemical and Food Industries, etc.

  • Glasslined Reactor
  • Polymerizer / Reactor
  • Mixer / Dryer
  • Evaporator

Hydrogen-related business

  • High-purity Hydrogen Oxygen Generator
  • Wood Biomass Power Generation

Technological Development

  • Water Treatment / Sludge Treatment / Recycling
  • Cooling Tower
  • Waste Treatment and Recycling
  • Environmental Restoration and Recycling
  • Process Equipment
  • Business Development & Innovative Technologies
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