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Chemical Process Products

Our business is centering on the glasslined equipments. We satisfy our customers' various demands with our expertise in mixing technology.
Our aim is safe and clean production based in Harima Plant, manufacturing products such as Reactor, HeatExchanger, Mixer, Dryer, Film Evaporator, Storage Tank.
We also have extensive customer service such as maintenance for glasslined equipments.

List of Products

  • » Glasslined Reactor
  • » Stainless Steel and Special Metal Reactor

  • » Glasslined Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • » Glasslined Multiple Jacketed Type Heat Exchanger
  • » New Glasslined Multiple Conical Compact Capacitor
  • » Glasslined/Nickel Alloy Heat Exchanger

  • » Mixing Dryer CDB/C-CDB/SV/PV
  • » Filter/Dryer FD/RFD/PVF/CDF

» List of Film Evaporators

  • » Tank for Chemical Industry
  • » Tank for Industrial Food