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Glass-lining standard is changing to Hybrid glass-lining, HybridGL.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions will lead the market with HybridGL® that matches our customer's needs in a wide range of industries.

Value Providing chemical process equipment that contributes to the development of the materials industry.
Vision A future in which society and the Earth are in harmony through delivery of our products to customers.
Mission Contribute to the solution of multiple issues such as "quality improvement", "productivity improvement", "safety improvement", "reduction of environmental impact” and so on.

Concerning Logo

Designed to remind customers of hybrid glass linings.

  • logo_mark


    Shaped to resemble the "H" of hybrid.
    Meaning as a product structure that is a cross between functional glass layers (two colors of blue).

  • logo_type


    Implications of Hybrid Glass Lining

The two blue colors in the mark also have different meanings to indicate "our company" and "Customer.". The logo expresses our desire to bring our company's HybridGL technology closer to a future in which society and the earth are in harmony by having customers use it.

R&D History

2016 Starting R&D of HybridGL.
2017 HYX-HE has been developed, which is hybridized “high thermal conductivity” and “Anti-static”, HYX-HE is the world's first glass for (※)Glass-lining as HybridGL.
2022 HYX-H95 has been developed, which is hybridized “high thermal conductivity” and “low elution”.
Please see our leaflets, HybridGL “HYX series (434KB)” and the high thermal conductivity glass “9000HTⅡ(630KB) “,

Process Equipment Division, Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.

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  • Midosuji Mitsui Building,
  • 1-3, 4-chome, Bingomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-8536, Japan
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  • FAX +81-6-6206-6758
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