Water Treatment/Sludge Treatment

Water and sludge treatment technologies to secure a clean water supply and environmental preservation are essential to social infrastructure. Previously, the technologies we developed were aimed at meeting environmental regulations, downsizing water and sludge treatment plants, and reducing waste sludge. Recently, we have been proactively tackling the development of energy saving and recycling technologies for low-carbon society.

Water Treatment Technologies

Low-Pressure Loss Membrane Diffuser

PABIO TUBE® is a membrane diffuser with low pressure loss that boasts a higher oxygen transfer efficiency than conventional ceramics-based diffusers. As a result, the oxygen supply to the aeration tank of sewage treatment equipment consumes less energy, helping to curb CO2 emissions and thus global warming.


1. High oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Boasts high oxygen transfer efficiency as it efficiently generates ultra-fine bubbles
2. Low pressure loss
  • No need for periodic pressure loss reduction procedures as there is hardly any clogging
  • It can be installed at the same water depth as a ceramic diffuser
3. Can be operated intermittently
  • When aeration is suspended, the bubbling slits automatically close, preventing sludge from entering the membrane
4. Accommodates a range of specific air rates
  • It is compatible with a broad range of facility settings as well as fluctuations in the volume of inflow
5. High durability
  • The equipment’s useful life is significantly lengthened by the incorporation of membranes made of special silicon rubber
6. Easy to install
  • The equipment can be connected to the air supply pipe using only connection fittings. There is no need to separately install a stand for the diffusers
  • It can be renewed by replacing only the membranes, there is no need to replace support pipes or connection fittings
PABIO TUBE’s structure

PABIO TUBE’s structure

Reduction in the necessary air volume

Reduction in the necessary air volume
(rotational flow aeration)

PABIO TUBE installed in a diffuser array
PABIO TUBE installed in a diffuser array

Development Background

Although a variety of membrane-type diffusers are currently available on the market, there have been a number of issues associated with their durability and pressure loss. We, too, have been confronted by challenges. However, taking full advantage of our experience and expertise, we created prototypes and executed numerous rounds of performance and durability testing. These endeavors resulted in a highly durable membrane diffuser boasting low pressure loss as well as high oxygen transfer efficiency.

Sludge Treatment Technologies

Biogas Utilization Technologies

The sewage treatment process takes advantage of microorganisms that feed on organic matter and play a key role in water purification.
Sludge, the waste derived from sewage treatment, mainly consists of the corpses of the microorganisms that proliferated during said treatment. Aware of the significant usefulness of sludge as a biomass resource, we are engaged in the development of technologies associated with biogas produced via the anaerobic digestion of sludge.

Among those technologies, our biogas upgrading system boasts the following distinctive strengths:

  • Because the upgraded biogas is of significantly higher quality than raw biogas, which contains CO2 and other impurities, it can be used as an alternative automotive fuel as well as a supplemental gas that can be injected into the city gas grid.
  • The system is simple and boasts a low operating cost

Our products

Steel digestion tank
Steel digestion tank
Biogas upgrading system
Biogas upgrading system

In the B-DASH Project led by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), we demonstrated efficient energy utilization technology that uses the energy-saving biogas upgrading system combined with high-solid anaerobic digestion at a municipal wastewater treatment plant (FY2018-2019).

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