New Fields

To date, we have focused our efforts to meet the needs of society on advancing technological development in the environmental and process equipment fields. Building on expertise we have accumulated in these endeavors, we are currently striving to improve the use of applied technologies in the food and chemical engineering fields while looking to help realize a hydrogen-powered society. We are thus determined to contribute to these new fields.

Algae Business

We have entered the food business by establishing Euglena cultivation technology via the combination of our microorganism utilization technologies developed in the water treatment business and brewing tank-related manufacturing technologies.
Currently, we hold a patent for a Euglena EOD-1 strain that boasts rich paramylon content.


Contribution to a Hydrogen-Powered Society

High-Purity Hydrogen and Oxygen Generator (HHOG®)

In anticipation of the emergence of a hydrogen-powered society, we have developed and released HHOG®, a high-purity hydrogen and oxygen generator. This equipment is currently being used in a broad range of industries. Furthermore, we will contribute to the establishment of a sophisticated clean energy supply system in which hydrogen is produced via water electrolysis employing energy from solar and wind power generation and other renewable energy sources.

H2BOX®-Ⅱ, a new model HHOG® released in September 2018 (Hydrogen production capacity: 1Nm3/h)
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