Fluidized-Bed Gasification & Combustion

Process Flow Diagram



Our fluidized-bed gasification furnace employs fluid sand to gasify and a relatively low volume of air to efficiently incinerate waste, which enables the downsizing of plants.


1. High Power Generation Efficiency

The lower volume of corrosive gas produced supports the use of a high-temperature high-pressure boiler that, in turn, allows for high-efficiency heat recovery for power generation.

2. Superior Resource Recovery Efficiency

The fluidized bed-type furnace is capable of recovering good-quality iron, aluminum and other valuable metallic resources from waste.

3. Versatile

The facility treats a variety of waste, ranging from such low-calorie waste as sludge to plastics and other high-calorie waste in a stable manner.

Illustration of fluidized bed combustion facilitated by air supply into the sand layer

Examples of Our Track Record

Hatsukaichi Energy Clean Center
Facility name Hatsukaichi Energy Clean Center
Treatment capacity 150t/day (75t/24h x 2 lines)
Power generation capacity 3,140kW
Completion March 2019
New Tate Clean Center (tentative name)
Facility name New Tate Clean Center (tentative name)
Treatment capacity 160t/day (80t/24h x 2 lines)
Power generation capacity 4,440kW
Completion September 2022 (planned)

Waste Treatment Systems Marketing and Sales Department, Marketing and Sales Division, Environmental Engineering Business Unit, Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd.

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