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Development policy and introduction to our technology

Waste Treatment/Recycle

Fluidized-bed Gasification and Melting Furnace

The fluidized-bed gasification and melting furnace is a combined system of "fluidized-bed gasification furnace" and "ash melting furnace".

This is a waste treatment technology focusing on "reduction of the environmental load" and "recycling" for next generation.


  1. Excellent reduction of hazardous substances such as dioxin.
  2. Economic due to simple system
  3. High recycling efficiency of energy and material
  4. Technology with higher stability of treated materials and higher volume reduction

Effective use of recycled materials

- Effective use of recycled materials

Simulation in a gas melting furnace

- Simulation in a gas melting furnace

To Products

High Efficiency Heat Accumulation and Transit System "ThermoWay®"

The high efficiency heat accumulation and transit system "ThermoWay®" is a technology that saves thermal energy at a heat storage device to transports it to a distant place by track, by utilizing waste heat in the middle/low temperature range (200°C and lower), which was previously radiated without being used in steel plants, factories, or garbage incineration sites.
As we realized the use as high warm water higher than 90°C for the first time in the world, it can be used as energy for air conditioning as well as for heating and use as warm water.

Since infrastructure maintenance such as pipelines is unnecessary, it is expected to be widely used as effective thermal energy use means combined well with reduction of CO2 emission/countermeasures against global warming, as well as air-conditioning/heating/warm water for private institutions such as the multifamily housing or local/public institutions.

- Conceptual diagram of use of high efficiency heat accumulation and transit system